Our Mission

Next level LiDAR
for next level driving

Making autonomous transportation happen

Self-driving cars used to be science fiction. But already today, they redefine the way we move, how we transport goods, and the way we live together. SCANTINEL PHOTONICS develops LiDAR technologies that show autonomous vehicles their way. We believe that they will soon become as much a part of our lives as laptop computers and smartphones.

Bringing self driving technology to people and markets

It is our aim that many people benefit from the advantages of autonomous driving. At SCANTINEL PHOTONICS, a high-profile team of experts is working to make reliable LiDAR sensor technology not only possible, but also marketable. We cooperate closely with vehicle manufacturers and their technology partners in order to precisely meet their requirements.


How LiDAR works

SCANTINEL PHOTONICS relies on coherent (FMCW) LiDAR to generate three-dimensional images of the environment, thus creating a reliable basis for autonomous navigation. The LiDAR technology from SCANTINEL PHOTONICS combines coherent ranging and spectral scanning on a solid-state platform. This allows an exact detection of the environment of the vehicle combined with high range, reliability, compactness, and low costs.

Our unique approach on FMCW LiDAR

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Why LiDAR by

  • High reliability
    The integration on a silicon wafer platform eliminates error-prone assembly and calibration steps.
  • High pixel rate
    The core of the system concept is its scalability to high pixel rates through efficient multiplexing.
  • Long range
    In coherent ranging, every photon returned from the object to the detector counts. This high sensitivity enables efficient object detection over long ranges.
  • Simultaneous range and velocity
    The distance and speed of the object are measured simultaneously for each pixel. This provides more reliable object detection.
  • Robustness
    Coherent ranging is neither disturbed by low sun nor by oncoming LiDAR systems.
  • Small size and low cost at volumes
    Coherent ranging allows the integration of the lasers, detectors, and a large part of the optical components on a silicon wafer platform (photonic integration).
  • Fast time-to-market
    We use existing processes suitable for mass production for the photonically integrated components. Whenever the performance of photonics is not yet sufficient today, we implement the function in sophisticated macroscopic optics that are also suitable for mass production.


SCANTINEL PHOTONICS – three good reasons


SCANTINEL PHOTONICS was launched as a venture of Carl Zeiss AG, building on the experience and know-how of the world’s leading company in the optical and optoelectronic industry. This gives Scantinel access to ZEISS Technology platforms and expertise.

technology partners

  • BRIDGER PHOTONICS, a ZEISS venture company, leading in FMCW LiDAR technology.
  • IMEC, the leading European research center in the field of silicon photonics

Strong ideas and patents

At present more than 30 pending patents protect the development of SCANTINEL PHOTONICS’ LiDAR technology.

Meet our Team

Andy Zott

Managing Director

Andy Zott is an expert in establishing and managing technology teams, especially in the field of advanced laser ranging technology. He is also responsible for our strategy, and for our technology partner and business networks. Prior to the founding of SCANTINEL PHOTONICS, Andy Zott was a project manager with ZEISS and other leading electronics companies.

Michael Richter

Commercial Managing Director

Dr. Michael Richter has over 25 years of professional management experience in the fields of strategy, finance, investor relations, sales & marketing. He has a long background in the semiconductor and sensor industries. Dr. Michael Richter held management positions at Infineon, Intel, Ampleon and ams.

Frank Höller

Lead System Architect

As a renowned expert for system engineering as well as optical and mechanical design, Dr.-Ing. Frank Höller works on the system architecture of the LiDAR technology, and is responsible for the development of a compact scanner without moving parts. Frank Höller has more than 35 years of experience in the development of optical systems and in cooperating with other companies, such as in the automotive industry. As director and manager, he was the head of various research and development teams.

Vladimir Davydenko

Lead architect ranging systems

As an expert with more than 40 years of experience in the fields of laser technology and microoptics, Vladimir Davydenko is responsible for the development of the FMCW system and the technological roadmap of the FMCW LiDAR. Vladimir Davidenko pushes the miniaturization and photonic integration of the complex FMCW ranging system. For the last 15 years, he worked with ZEISS on the development of microoptical components.

Jan Horn

Lead architect electronics and software

Dr.-Ing. Jan Horn has accompanied the development of MEMS systems and machine vision systems at ZEISS and in the automotive industry before assuming a key role at SCANTINEL PHOTONICS as an expert in software and electronics for FMCW LiDAR systems. Dr.-Ing. Jan Horn takes care of powerful electronics and software as well as advanced algorithms that ensure accurate and reliable environment detection. During his career, Jan Horn has led several project groups in the field of science, at ZEISS and in the automotive industry.


Join our Team

Join us as we solve the challenges of autonomous driving with LiDAR technology. We need strong minds and good team players. And we are looking forward to your application.

At Scantinel Photonics you will contribute to the development of the key optical sensor technology enabling fully autonomous vehicles in the future. You will work in a very dynamic market environment and in close co-operation with a range of international technology partners with leading industry expertise in their fields. We value openness, trust and empowerment, enabling everyone in the team to thrive on the grounds of the high scientific, technological & business targets we aim for.

Scantinel Photonics is backed by ZEISS Ventures.

SCANTINEL PHOTONICS ist ein High-Tech-Startup auf dem Gebiet der LiDAR-Technologien, das die wichtigsten optischen Sensoren entwickelt, die künftig vollständig autonome Fahrzeuge ermöglichen. Solche Autos werden schneller zur Realität, als Sie sich vorstellen können. Unsere Expertise basiert auf unseren gemeinsamen Jahren beim Marktführer für optische Technologien ZEISS. Um unser Expertenteam zu vervollständigen, suchen wir leidenschaftliche und talentierte Leute, die die Fahrt mit uns genießen werden!

Ihre Hauptaufgaben:

  • Unterstützung beim Aufbau von LiDAR Systemen zur Validierung von Analysemethoden und der Qualifizierung von Messgeräten
  • Bedienung und Einstellung von optischen Komponenten und Geräten
  • Unterstützung bei der Montage und dem Betrieb von LiDAR-Sensoren
  • Planung, Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Messungen mit LiDAR-Systemen in Testwagen und im Labor
  • Dokumentation und grafische Auswertung der Rohdaten beziehungsweise der Testergebnisse

Sie sollten mitbringen:

  • Technische Ausbildung oder Bachelor in Mechatronik, Optik, Elektrotechnik oder Ähnlichem
  • Erste Erfahrungen mit optischen Aufbauten im Labor und / oder mit optischen Geräten
  • Praktische Erfahrung mit Laboraufbauten
  • Handwerkliche Fähigkeiten und Führerschein sind obligatorisch
  • Grundkenntnisse in der Programmierung (z. B. Matlab, Python, Labview oder C / C ++) oder grundlegende CAD-Erfahrung sind von Vorteil
  • Deutsch und Englisch Kenntnisse erforderlich

Bei SCANTINEL haben Sie die großartige Gelegenheit, in einem sehr dynamischen Marktumfeld und in enger Zusammenarbeit mit internationalen Technologiepartnern mit führender Branchenkompetenz auf ihrem Gebiet zu arbeiten. Sie treten mit führenden Zulieferern und OEMs der Automobilindustrie in Kontakt. Sie werden ein sehr herausforderndes Umfeld vorfinden, in dem Sie in einem Team hochqualifizierter Wissenschaftler und Ingenieure arbeiten, die Offenheit, Vertrauen und Empowerment schätzen. Diese gemeinsamen Werte ermöglichen es Ihnen, die zukünftigen Richtungen unserer Technologie- und Geschäftsziele direkt zu beeinflussen, d.h. die Zukunft des autonomen Fahrens zu beeinflussen. Dies ist unsere beste Garantie für den Erfolg.

Lassen Sie uns auf innovative Weise zusammenarbeiten, um unsere Straßen sicherer zu machen und Unfälle mit Ihrer Kompetenz, Ihrer Leidenschaft und Ihrer Begeisterung für disruptive Technologien der Vergangenheit angehören zu lassen!

SCANTINEL PHOTONICS wird von ZEISS Ventures und Scania Growth Capital unterstützt.

Your contact:

  • +49 731/79 08 26 92
  • www.scantinel.com

SCANTINEL PHOTONICS is a high-tech startup in the field of LiDAR technologies developing the key optical sensors enabling fully autonomous vehicles in the future. Such cars will come to reality faster than you can imagine. Our expertise is based on our years together at the optical technologies market leader ZEISS. To complete our team of experts, we are looking for passionate and talented people who will enjoy the ride with us!

Your main responsibilities:

  • Develop our business applications within the Microsoft Power Platform using MS SharePoint, Power Apps & Power Automate
  • Conduct analysis and research for product needs and potential, considering the product vision
  • Ensure business requirements for features and improvements are well refined and correctly implemented
  • Document product features, improvements and integrations in a clear and maintainable manner
  • Provide 3rd-level-support for business users in coordination with IT-Manager
  • Contribute own unique ideas and creative input

You should have:

  • A registered student of Business Informatics, Information Technology or related subjects
  • A user-centric mindset and obsess over detail and quality as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills, work in a well-structured manner and come up with solutions to problems independently
  • Fun working in a multidisciplinary team, communicate openly and address issues you encounter directly
  • Gained some first-hand experience with Microsoft’s Power Platform
  • The ability to work with minimal supervision and can drive topics forward with your own initiative
  • Ambition and be eager to develop yourself and learn new something new each day
  • Fluent business English skills, fluency in German is a plus

At Scantinel you have the great opportunity to work in a very dynamic market environment and in close cooperation with international technology partners with leading industry expertise in their fields. You get in touch with leading suppliers and OEMs in the automotive industry. You will find a very challenging environment, working in a team of highly qualified scientists and engineers who value openness, trust and empowerment. These shared values enable you to directly influence the future directions of our technology & business targets, that’s to say to influence the future of autonomous driving. It’s our best guarantee for success.

Let´s go together along in innovative ways to make our roads safer and accidents a thing of the past with your competence, your passion and your enthusiasm for disruptive technologies!

SCANTINEL PHOTONICS is backed by ZEISS Ventures and Scania Growth Capital.

Your contact:

  • +49 731/79 08 26 92
  • www.scantinel.com

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